Ke$ha Sues!

Kesha is all hot and bothered over a new watch wrist strap with a name similar to her hit song, Tik Tok. The chicago based company Wimo Labs created the wrist strap for ipod nanos, but Ke$ha and her team believe that consumers will link the product to her song and therefore infringes on her rights. These stars think they can sue over just about anything these days, and as if people will connect a Ke$ha song to an ipod wrist strap. Even though Ke$ha's lawyers claimed the strap was a “flagrant and conscious disregard” of the singer's rights, David Leichtman, an intellectual property expert, say her legal team will have a hard time in court prooving that people buying the product will connect it with her hit song. Leichtman hits her below the belt, grouping her among other stars he claims try to monotize their personality during their 15 minutes of fame. But, if Kesha and her team do win the lawsuit, Wimo Labs will have to hand over every single TikTok wrist strap. We hope Kesha doesn't win this lawsuit, it sounds a little ridiculous and we find it hard to believe that consumers will make a connection between the product and song, especially since it won't be branded with Kesha. Hard to believe Kesha is getting this heated over a wrist strap, she didn't seem to be upset at al when all those naked leaked photos surfaced! You would think that she would have set her legal team on those who released the photos of her going down on some guy while she was completely naked! Funny that she didn't really seem to care of comment on the photos, but a watch strap sharing the same name as her song... watch out! What is up with this girl??

Kesha is Crazy

Kesha is no doubt one of the weirdest singers/artists out there today. Ever since she exploded onto the music scene in 2010, she's been making people cringe at her ridiculous behavior and comments. We've all seen her naked photos where she's going down on some dude, but the antics she performs in public are almost just as bad! On a recent appearance on the Conan O'Brien show, Kesha produced a glitter gun, revealed her obsession with bags full of coins, and expressed a deep rootedd love for beards. What??? She told the funny host that she was disappointed he shaved his famous beard, claiming “I love putting beards on my face and in my mouth and touching it.” This chick is f*cked! She also told a story about being in a laundry mat one day, and got a lady boner as she ran her fingers through her bag of quarters.. really, who says stuff like that! We just hope she washed her hands after that... Kesha is sleazy and proud of it! Too bad Conan didn't ask her about her leaked naked photos.. we'd love to hear her comments on that subject! It's almost like she tries too hard to be this ke$ha character, but we'd like to see how she reacts caught off guard talking about things she clearly doesn't want to address. On top of all the Conan weirdness, she also told that she wears her very own placenta around her neck in necklace form because it improves her ''psychic abilities''. She claims her mom found it in her basement one day, crushed it up and turned it into a necklace, and now it's her "favorite keepsake". Don't most people have special blankies, or teddies as keepsakes from their childhood.. not their own placenta! Between the dirty quarter hands, and this placenta, we wouldn't go within a mile of this wacked out singer!

Kesha Scandal

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